Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Dubai, London


Integrio was established in 2007 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and a branch was established in Singapore in 2010 and Dubai, UAE following that. The company is aligned with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) and furthermore Integrio has developed a fully-fledged project management software solution to manage any type of project sustainably, in line with UNSDGs.

The company provides services in IT, Engineering and Telecommunication among others. Integrio offerings include AI-enabled bots, Integrated Cloud Business Apps, Workflow Management, HSE Management, Risk Management, Document Management, Project Management, Timesheet Management, Invoicing Systems, E-Procurement, HXM (Human Experience Management / HR), CRM, E-Training, E-Portals, Ad Delivery Server and E-Reservation Systems.

Integrio’s latest offering, an EduTech, is Izeberg, a Learning Experience Platform (LXP) —  the next evolution of LMS (Learning Management System)  — which has entirely transformed the learning experience and equips organizations to create the kind of employee engagement that generates better business results. This AI-powered LXP is transforming the learning experience by providing a personalised learning environment to learners i.e. students or employees.

Led by

Arnab Sarkar, Founder and CEO

Arnab is a seasoned entrepreneur, a principal architect himself, has been at the forefront of cutting edge technology for a number of years particularly in the field of Artificial Intelligence and enterprise solutions.

“In London Inc. we have a great partner with ‘feet on the ground’. A long-term relationship built on a foundation of trust and integrity, above all a great bunch of people to work with, strategize with and execute what we’ve set out to do.”

Arnab Sarkar, Founder & CEO of Integrio Corp