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Climate change is one of the most dramatic and urgent challenges we face globally. To fight climate change, every step counts and every single step is important – and necessary.

The internet consumes a lot of electricity, 10% global consumption. If it were a country the internet ranks third overall for electricity usage, only behind USA and China. 80% of world’s energy come from fossil fuel sources. The Internet accounts for nearly 4% of global carbon emissions, more than the amount produced by the airline industry. With 4.1 billion people, or 53.6% of the global population now being internet users, these figures are predicted to double by 2025. Websites are a key contributor to this along with data centres, transmission networks and end user devices.

The scarcity of resources and the impact of their use mean that the digital infrastructure, digital products and services of tomorrow will have to be radically different.

The average website produces 1.7 – 2 grams of CO2 per page view, and heavier websites around 7 grams. We design and develop websites that look great, or revamp existing websites, in a very cost-competitive way, running on renewable energy, and measuring under 1 gram CO2 per page view.

Eco Web Studios, a London Inc initiative, is on a mission, working towards a cleaner and greener internet.

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Shane Herath is a purpose-driven Entrepreneur, with a vision to transform the lives of people through sustainable and responsible innovation, resulting in a positive meaningful impact on both people and the environment. He focuses on the intersection of sustainability and technology, and collaborate with stakeholders across the spectrum from business, investment, industry, advocacy groups and academics.