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Our roots date back to 1983 and based on our success as a natural cosmeceutical solution company with passion to address a host of everyday problems.

We are passionate about understanding the biological processes, which occur in nature to advance scientific methods and apply them in the design of new processes and solutions, in a structured way.

With an emphasis on using only the natural, non-toxic, eco-friendly, biodegradable compounds our approach has yielded a range of solutions. Examples include a viable solution for the biological control mosquito propagation, an alternative solution to lime juice, which is in short supply during certain periods of the year in some parts of the world, and a natural and environment-friendly solution to protect crops from insects and pests — as opposed to using harmful artificial pesticides.

Finding eco-friendly and natural solutions is in our DNA as a company and we continue to work on developing all natural, green-chemistry oriented, human and nature friendly solutions.

NuNatur Growth Enhancer

NuNatur Plus is a non-toxic, bio-degradable alternative solution to this long felt need for a natural growth enhancer — a bio stimulant — that protects crops whilst being bee-friendly. This bio-inspired and bio-derived solution is made using a unique combination of plant-based compounds. Solution is skin friendly too.

This bio-degradable solution readily dissolves in water and does not clog the nozzle of the sprayers; hence it’s easy to spray with absolutely no problem. NuNatur Plus is also a viable solution for most pests, insects and also fungi. The solution is recommended to be diluted 33 parts of water (ie. 30 ml. of solution in 1 litre of water) for spraying.

Bio-Control of Mosquito

In the face of the growing Dengue menace (especially the dangerous Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever) that continues to claim many lives, and also Malaria, NuNatur Formula Zx is a viable solution biologically control mosquito propagation. While many other approaches or existing solutions try to kill the adult mosquito, NuNatur Formula Zx approaches the same problem, by interrupting the bio cycle of the mosquito-larvae by making them incapable of moulting into the next stage of their life cycle. In another words the life cycle of the mosquito is interrupted at larvae stage, so that it does not mold into the pupae stage thereby prematurely self-terminating its life cycle. This novel approach is not only efficient with no human cost, but also it is eco-friendly and a perfect example of green chemistry in action.

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