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Arimac is an end-to-end digital solutions provider in Mobile and Enterprise Solutions, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Immersive Technologies, and Game Design and Development. Arimac’s top clients include Vodafone, Tesco, Visa, Coca Cola, Microsoft, Emirates, Etihad, Nestle, Unilever, Honda, Johnson & Johnson and 3M.

Founded in 2011, Arimac is a pioneer in delivering high-quality customized digital solutions across Asian emerging markets. Agile, progressive, and versatile, is built on the principles of integrity, quality, a ‘never say no’ attitude, and the commitment to disrupting the status quo. We are dedicated to nurturing our talent pool and grooming the next generation of Asia’s digital movers and shakers. Arimac has an in-house ecosystems that cover a broad range of functions ranging from game development to digital analytics. The company’s reach is fast expanding across key markets in Asia, Europe, Australia and the Middle East and the Arimac brand is rapidly gaining recognition as a top digital disruptor.

Arimac has also achieved milestones in robotics that gave birth to Diyazen, the pioneering humanoid robot in South Asia, and large-scale international projects such as the United Nations ‘Butterfly Effect campaign’ which it developed to be featured at the General Assembly 2019 in New York, and the first-ever, real-time ‘redeem miles and earn platform’ in the world for an airline called ‘Etihad Guest’, developed for Etihad.

Arimac bagged 16 awards including the British Computer Society (BCS) Chairman’s Award and the prestigious ‘ICT Entrepreneur of the Year’ awarded to its Founder Chamira Jayasinghe at the recently concluded ICT Awards held in Sri Lanka – NBQSA 2019 ceremony organised by the BCS, a testament to the how Arimac continues to lead from the front manoeuvring the eb and flow of an ever-evolving industry.

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Chamira Jayasinghe is the Founder and CEO of Arimac. Known for his unwavering perseverance, effortless leadership and unconventional yet effective ideas, Chamira has built Arimac into a multi-million dollar venture. On his journey, he attracted the Asia’s top gaming pros, tech experts and digital gurus to his side, and today they are enabling Arimac’s clients to reach the unreachable and are revolutionizing the digital arena. Chamira’s has assembled a world-class team of experts, who are at the top of their game and are the very best professionals in their respective fields.

Chamira has a First-Class Honours Degree in Computer Science and has won several international awards for projects on brain computer interfaces and human-computer interactions. He has also collaborated with several Silicon Valley companies and top technology universities in the USA, Singapore and Australia.