Digital Carbon Footprint and E-waste: is digital economy sustainable?

Event date: 20 Apr 2021

Digital Carbon Footprint and E-waste: is digital economy sustainable?

Our digital behaviour has a direct impact on the carbon footprint. What do we need to change in digital habits to ensure sustainability?

Our digital behavior has a direct impact on the global digital carbon footprint. An average person will change more than 40 phones in their lifetime, but only 20% of them get recycled. New digital currencies require increasingly more energy (bitcoin already consumes more than the whole country of Argentina). Are our digital habits really sustainable?

Understanding and visualizing the magnitude of this ‘new’ carbon footprint helps us change our digital habits and behaviors, both individually and at work.

Join this interactive session between Founder of Consciously Digital Dr Anastasia Dedyukhina, Founder of sustainable innovation tech ecosystem London Inc Shane Herath and author of ‘Digital Predators’ Pablo Gámez-Cersosimo.

We will discuss:

1. how to have sustainable control over our digital behavior

2. the ways in which we dispose of gadgets or use our digital ecosystems

3. which skills and systems need to be developed at the individual and collective level to ensure minimum impact of digital footprint

4. what you can do as an individual to minimize your digital footprint.

The event is free of charge if you attend on the day, because we want to encourage you to actively take part in it! However, if you cannot attend and want to receive a recording, you can purchase a ticket with the recording and/or a copy of the book Homo Distractus written by founder of Consciously Digital Dr Anastasia Dedyukhina as part of the package. All proceedings will go to raise a scholarship for the next intake of Consciously Digital coach training course.

You will receive a Zoom link once you register.

About Pablo Gámez-Cersosimo:

Pablo is an investigative journalist and author of ‘Digital Predators’, a six years-long investigation into the complexity of a new silent, growing, and highly polluting carbon footprint caused by our digital consumption (will be published later in 2021). He advises the ministry of foreign affairs of Costa Rica on the issue of the digital carbon footprint.

His professional background includes Digital Sustainability, Wellbeing, and Digital Transformation; Theory of Change; Holistic individual and corporate transformation processes; Investigative journalism. He is a holder of Consciously Digital diploma certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Since 2019, he has been running Naturally (, a company that tries to change people’s digital behaviour to ensure sustainability.

About Shane Herath:

Shane is a social entrepreneur with a commercial and innovation background, and founder of London Inc, a sustainable innovation tech ecosystem. Before that for nearly 20 years, Shane has worked with many top tier organisations in the UK, USA and Asia, and have been involved in a number of tech startups. A Computer Science and Law graduate with postgraduate certifications, a member of the British Computer Society, Tech London Advocate, above all a passionate advocate for sustainable innovation. He believes that sustainable innovators are not adequately supported to push their innovations through and his mission is to change that.

About Consciously Digital:

Consciously Digital is one of the global leaders in digital wellbeing training. Since 2014 we’ve been helping such companies as Lush, DLA Piper, HSBC, Wieden + Kennedy, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Vistaprint, Typeform, Soho House, Boring Money,, Google, SEI Wealth Management, GSMA – Mobile World Congress and others be more mindful about how they use technology and enhance human skills in the age of digital distractions. Our work has been featured on multiple occasions in major publications, such as BBC, Channel 4, The Guardian, Metro, Huffington Post, El Pais and numerous podcasts etc.

Consciously Digital runs the only online training program for digital wellbeing coaches in the world certified by International Coach Federation.

You can request to book a coach or speaker from Consciously Digital network here.


20 of April 2021



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