The way software is designed,
developed, and deployed
can have a major impact
on energy consumption.

Without doubt, software
is the backbone of virtually
all the intelligent solutions designed
to support the environment.

Accordingly, companies should include
software in their sustainability efforts.
Sustainable software enables you to deliver changes
to the customer more quickly with a lower likelihood
of bugs, a decrease of the total cost of ownership
of applications, and increased business agility.

“You can make a positive impact on society
and the environment without sacrificing returns.”

 ― Oscar Auliq-Ice


London Inc and its sustainable innovation oriented companies bring together dynamic software development capabilities and an impressive world-class solutions portfolio.

Whether you’re at concept stage, a startup, scaleup, small or medium-sized business or a corporate looking for a software/technology solution, you can benefit from our software development, support for projects and know-how.


Our flexible resourcing model means we can cherry-pick just the right expertise out of over 500 highly skilled tech experts from our resource pool. We hand-pick a team of smart and talented individuals with the right skill-set to work on your project, add immediate value to the software development process, by helping you reduce cost and effort, and doing so in a sustainable manner. Harness deep domain expertise to meet your objectives with uncompromised project governance.


Websites are meant to deliver, and deliver not just on performance, design but developed in a manner that they cost less and also emitting less CO2. Create industry-leading websites for B2B and B2C clients that meet their objectives. From slick, beautifully designed pages to mobile-optimised sites and user-focused experiences, we make it happen.


To us, web applications are not just about creating stunning-looking and meaningful websites but also getting them to be ‘low carbon’ therefore environmentally-friendly. We build streamlined web applications that deliver remarkable functionality and user engagement.


Build amazing apps for all major mobile platforms. Stunning mobile apps that work across a variety of devices and engage large audiences – designed with security, scalability, and usability in mind, applying sustainable user experience (UX) and sustainable development practices.


Using a proven and optimised process, we help you mitigate the risk associated with developing an MVP, by selecting the right technology, future-proofing, scalability, extensibility, performance and simplicity being key considerations along with sustainable UX and sustainable software engineering to reduce cost, CO2 emissions and energy consumption. Working as your team, we deliver tangible outcomes in each stage of development, sustainably.


We develop custom software applications that help streamline complex organisational workflows and interface seamlessly with other systems. From design to building and running of applications, we apply sustainable UX and sustainable software engineering, doing more with less and delivering on performance.


The combination of process mining and robotic process automation (RPA) is an extremely effective way to transform your company into a leaner, greener business. We help clients achieve cost and effort savings by automating low value high volume tasks. Do more with the same resources or reduce costs with lower overheads to achieve the same goal.


The opportunities that come with IoT are enormous, and can be a game-changer for virtually any business or organisation. Uniting IoT and sustainability can be a powerful way of reducing global emissions. While the digital turn is a major contributor to global emissions, streamlining processes with IoT can indeed help reduce your carbon footprint.


Immersive technologies be it Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR) or Extended Reality (XR), help us move from sharing content to sharing experiences, creating new opportunities to bridge differences and drive true impact ― a powerful driver of progress towards all 17 SDGs ― and creating fully inclusive digital societies that empower all.


Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) responsibly, can bring major social and economic benefits to any organisation. AI offers immense gains in efficiency and performance and help reduce cost. Benefits of machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, digital assistants, natural language processing, natural language understanding, robotics, computer vision can add significant value to most industry sectors and achieving these in a sustainable manner is key.


Our team helps build sophisticated multi-tenant cloud-based software products for our clients which they license or offer on a subscription basis to their customers. Leverage our expertise and sustainable development practices.


Providing very specific industries with already developed very specific software solutions, from project management, risk management, sustainability management, property management, health and safety and many others. Highly streamlined solutions developed using sustainable development practices that deliver bottom line impact.


Consumers are Demanding Sustainable Ecommerce. Ecommerce has experienced rapid growth in recent years and by doing so, there is an unprecedented environmental impact. Our approach to design, building and running Ecommerce applications is sustainable and optimised. Enhance customer loyalty, keep costs low and increase revenue and profitability.

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