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Empowering the future of sustainable innovation

Disruptive nature of sustainability must certainly shape the way we innovate. We believe that sustainability should be the key driver of innovation.

It is our mission that London Inc platform be a catalyst for a new breed of sustainable innovation, paving the way for commercialisation of technologies, products and services and entrepreneurship.

Founded in London, we are growing fast, enabling exciting sustainable innovations and creating new market spaces in the UK, Europe and across the globe.

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Today’s innovation rules have been forged in a world that paid little attention to sustainability, where profits were separate from this higher purpose. We’ve reached a critical point with, regards to climate change for one. It is only through sustainable and responsible innovation that real transformational change can happen and pave the way for a more sustainable way of living.


By giving the best probability of success for upcoming sustainable innovations through our platform and we help drive these innovations to the forefront. We look for founders with an elusive combination of qualities that will enable them to beat the odds to build exciting, category leading companies.


We are advocates for sustainable innovation focusing on the tech sector — driving innovation, collaborating with others, pushing for greater transparency and rewarding sustainable actions. ‘sustainability-driven’ innovation is the creation of new market space, products and services or processes driven by social, environmental or sustainability issues.

Our guiding principles

We are open to challenge, and challenge openly, fuelled
by a belief in a diversity of views and a desire to learn
along the way. We aim to build powerful partnerships,
lasting relationships along the way.

We believe in forward thinking, energetic and bold in our
decision-making. We are committed to conducting
all of our business honestly, with adherence to the
highest ethical standards. We operate with transparency.

When you collaborate as a matter of everyday practice,
everyone benefits rather than working in silos. Add diversity
and inclusion to everything we do and this leads to
a great way of working together on our mission.


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